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Disaster Recovery with Integrity

The Blockchain Way


Veteran Led, Mission Oriented.

BlocSec Inc is a veteran-led organization composed of an impressive array of industry leaders focused on ensuring that consumers, businesses, and enterprises are always “at the ready” to face adversity created by cyber-attacks. With a culture built on loyalty, honor, courage, commitment, and accountability, we help organizations build a sustainable infrastructure to recover their critical data assets rather than succumbing to the enemy. We understand that the risk of cyber-attacks is imminent. Powered by Sollerium, the integrity of your data is protected, and our mission to leave no one behind is accomplished.


The Blockchain Archive Server

The sad truth is that as the threat landscape changes, the countermeasures and safeguards against ransomware are not working. One piece of your cybersecurity suite has been missing until now. Sollensys™ has created the Blockchain Archive Server™ (BAS) to meet the challenges.

The BAS was designed to address the gap associated with archiving mission-critical data, protecting it from attack, and facilitating the rapid restoration of guaranteed immutable data.

The BAS is the first Distributive Data Application that utilizes the Sollensys™  patent-pending double blockchain system to provide unparalleled archiving and data recovery following any cyber event, not just ransomware. The BAS is designed to protect your data and guarantee it is available and has not changed. The BAS is not data storage - it is a next-generation archive designed to provide unprecedented data protection and restoration.


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