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Healthcare Sector Faced the Most Ransomware Attacks in 2021

No industry is immune to cyber-attacks. The healthcare industry is a prime target for cyber criminals. With access to personally identifiable information and personal health information health systems are a lucrative market with an average spend of $1.85 million to recover from ransom attacks. This is the second highest amount across all sectors with over 61% of organizations paying a ransom. As a healthcare provider, you can see why I believe that implementing technology that aids ransom recovery without losing chain of custody is critical to the success of our healthcare organizations. It is not all about the cost of recovery, but the effect on patient care. Recovery from ransom attacks took weeks to over well over a month (44% vs 25%). For example, the Scripps Health Ransomware attack took over a month to recover and cost $112 million. The Blockchain Archive Server (BAS) developed by Sollensys™ designed to address the gap associated with archiving mission-critical data, protecting it from attack and facilitating the rapid restoration of guaranteed immutable data. Rapid recovery would allow healthcare systems to rapid recover and resume normal operations while recovering essential patient data unchanged.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reports that the healthcare sector faced the most ransomware attacks in 2021 compared to other critical infrastructure sectors. The time for healthcare systems to strengthen their security measures is now. Integrating a ransom recovery solution that maintains the integrative of the health systems data is essential. The health of our community is relying on protection of our healthcare data and personal information.

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